Dragonpay Payment | Why Dragonpay for recurring bills


Dragonpay can give your customers the flexibility to choose the payment method that’s right for them – giving you a higher selling potential.

Never miss recurring bills

Manage payments that recur on a regular schedule easily and securely through our online payment system.

Supported Channels:

Why use Dragonpay for recurring payments

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Easy to implement

Merchants can easily keep track of their monthly recurring payment collections.

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A unified Application Programming Interface (API) allows merchants to accept recurring debits from major local commercial banks without having to deal with each bank individually.

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Unlike credit cards which charge a percentage of the amount, Dragonpay charges fixed fees even for recurring payments! This makes it ideal for debiting payments where the amount involved can be big and would otherwise incur large fees if collected via more traditional methods.

With Dragonpay, you can enjoy low fixed fees and no hidden charges.

Php 20

Per transaction

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