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Setup Fee

Payment Channels
  • Dragonpay Credits
  • BDO Online, OTC & ATM
  • Unionbank Online Banking
  • GCash
  • PayPal
Transaction Fees

Php 20

(Except for PayPal which is 4.5% + P15 , GCash which is 2.0% + P10 and Credit Cards

Php 10,000 Per Transaction Limit

Php 100,000 Daily Transaction Limit

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PHP 36,000.00

One-time Setup Fee

Payment Channels
  • All Online Banking
  • Over-the-Counter Cash Payments
  • E-Wallets
  • Credit Cards
  • Installments
Transaction Fees

Php 10/15/20 depending on channel

(Except for PayPal which is 4.5% + P15 , GCash which is 2.0% + P10 and Credit Cards

No Transaction Cost Limit

No Daily Transaction Limit

Transaction Fees

Online Payments

Online bank Icon

Online Banking

Dragonpay supports all major banks in the Philippines with online banking.

Php 10

BPI, BDO, Unionbank & more

OTC Bank Icon

Over-the-Counter Banking

Your customers can conveniently pay cash via our partner banks’ offices and ATM.

Php 15

BPI, BDO, Metrobank & more

Payment Center Icon

Payment Centers

Dragonpay is partnered with leading payment channels so your customers can easily find a branch near their location.

Php 20

Bayad, Cebuana Lhuillier & more

Optional Channel Fees

E-Wallet Icon


Allow your customers to make fast and secure mobile payments.

Php 10

2% + Php 10


Php 20

GrabPay, Paymaya & Moneygment

4.5% + Php 15



WeChatPay & Alipay

credit card icon

Credit Cards

We support local and international payments for credit / debit cards on Visa, MasterCard.

Starts from 2.8%

(subject to changes based on evaluation)

crypto icon

Crypto Payments

Accept international payments through crypto or global virtual currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether) with ease.

Php 10

Per transaction

installment payments icon


Make it easier for your customers to purchase your products or service through installment plans.


Billease & Tendopay

Store Icon


With almost 3,000 stores nationwide, 7-Eleven can give you added convenience to your cash paying customers.

Php 20

Education, Insurance, Financing

Php 15 +2.5%

Digital Goods 

Php 15 +1%


Php 15 +4%

Standard E-commerce 

*All fees are VAT-inclusive.

Recurring icon

Recurring Payments

Automatically debit a fixed amount for a specific duration range, per recurring transaction.

Php 20

Per transaction

*All fees are VAT-inclusive.

Mass payout icon

Mass Payout

Do you need to make payments to multiple individuals or entities simultaneously? Then, this is the solution for you.

Php 20

BDO, BPI, BPI Family Savings

Php 15

Other Banks and Mobile Wallets

*All fees are VAT-inclusive.

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