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What is Dragonpay Credits?

Dragonpay Credits  is the a novel way of paying online using the dragonpay app.  It works on the basic concept of prepaid credits. The user tops-up his Dragonpay Mobile Wallet using the various payment channels available. He then goes to any of the hundreds of merchants supporting Dragonpay and uses his mobile app to click on the Quick Response (QR) Code displayed on screen. Payment processing is immediate and hassle-free.

How do I get started
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Download the Dragonpay App and Register

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Top up your Dragonpay Credits

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Go to our partner’s website and select “Dragonpay Credits” on the payment method upon check-out.

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Login your Dragonpay Credits account and pay.

Download our
Dragonpay Credits mobile app ​

Download our Dragonpay Credits mobile app to easily track your transactions. Enjoy super fast checkout payment at our merchants. You can also earn Robinsons Rewards for every payment made.

You may visit our Facebook page for announcements on processing schedules of over-the-counter payments. 

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