Products & Services

Dragonpay provides innovative payment solutions to help merchants accept or disburse payments online.  We focus on alternative payment channels such as banks, mobile payments, ATM’s, and brick-and-mortar payment centers.  By doing so, we provide our merchants convenience, better protection against fraud, and low transaction fees.

Online Payment Collection

Everybody believes e-commerce will be a major force in retail.  The challenge remains in developing countries like the Philippines where the main mode of payment is still cash.  With a population of over 100M, the estimated  number of Filipinos with credit cards only stands at 5%.  It is also estimated that only about 20% to 25% of the population at most have a bank account.  How do you get these potential buyers with no credit cards to shop online?

Dragonpay solves the problem by extending the online world to the physical world.  Customers can buy online from e-commerce merchants and fulfill the payment through non-credit card channels.   We currently support online banking of most of the major local commercial banks, physical ATM payments, over-the-counter (OTC) cash payments at banks and retail establishments (supermarkets, groceries, department stores, courier centers, remittance centers), electronic wallets or credits (Dragonpay Credits,, PayPal, GCash), and now — Cash on Delivery!.  Merchants are provided with a single, unified Application Programming Interface (API) to accept payments from any supported source.

Merchants enjoy several benefits when using Dragonpay’s alternative payment collection service:

Download our Dragonpay Credits mobile app to easily track your transactions. Enjoy super fast checkout payment at our merchants and earn reward points.

Recurring Payments

Save yourself the drudgery of following up and collecting regularly repeating payments like subscriptions, amortizations, and membership dues by using our Recurring Payments platform.  Unlike traditional recurring payments using credit cards, Dragonpay uses alternative platforms which gives these benefits:

Mass Payments

Businesses that need to send out money to a lot of people – sales agents, network marketers, affiliate marketers, suppliers and so on, can benefit from using our Mass Payout platform.  Payroll and commissions can be routed through our system and sent to various bank accounts, mobile wallets, and even cash pickup stations.  Businesses save on time and resources in doing this task manually.

Personal Escrow Service

If you are a personal seller and you are looking for ways to accept more forms of payment while giving your buyers a higher level of comfort that they are transacting through a trusted 3rd party processor like Dragonpay, consider our SureTayo person-to-person payment service.

Is Dragonpay more secure than traditional systems using credit cards?

Yes, bank payments are inherently more secure than credit card-based payments.  You might want to read our blog regarding this security topic for a more detailed explanation.

If you do not have a Dragonpay Account, you may contact our sales for more information on getting one.