Mass Payout

Mass Payout is an online facility that allows businesses to make payments to multiple individuals or entities simultaneously instead of doing it individually. Hundreds or thousands of payments can be completed in a short span of time. Doing so saves on time, possible errors, and allows businesses to provide better service to their customers.

Applications that can benefit from Mass Payout facilities include:

  • Distribution of commissions for companies with large sales agent networks
  • Commission payouts for network or multi-level marketing companies
  • Disbursement of revenue share for affiliate marketing programs

Dragonpay supports multiple payout channels ranging from regular bank checking/savings accounts, and mobile wallets. Cash pickup from popular remittance centers is also available for the unbanked recipients. To know more about this service, contact our Sales team.

If you do not have a Dragonpay Account, you may contact our sales for more information on getting one.