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Jerry Tieng
Jerry Tieng & Dragonpay on running businesses through pandemic

Posted: June 30

Jerry Tieng is a seasoned entrepreneur who runs a couple of businesses, namely FrozenMNL and Blitz Delivery, under Dragonpay. With decades of experience on the business side of things, Jerry knows how to pivot his businesses, especially during the pandemic, when people needed to adjust from the old normal to a new one.

“When the pandemic started, we started our online stores to ensure enough work for our people. We also helped companies with their digital efforts by providing warehousing and fulfillment services,” says Jerry.

One great example of adapting to the new normal is Jerry’s FrozenMNL. Initially, it was to help friends and family survive the food and logistics crisis brought about by a zero-fun metro-wide lockdown. Combining their work experiences, vast business network, and advanced technical skills—Jerry and his team put together this small store to make contact-less shopping convenient and worry-free.

“We begged our favorite restaurants and iconic food brands to sell here. We knocked on reputable farm doors to sell their meats directly to you and pestered direct importers to re-package their goods for home use. All meats are locally sourced from the best growers as we are very picky in what we eat. Everything is processed ‘Fresh-Frozen’ using blast freezer technology to ensure that you get freshness when thawed,” Jerry shares.

On the other hand, Blitz Delivery was founded by two programmers with 60 years of combined experience designing, developing, and deploying software solutions for businesses of all sizes. They aim to use spare-no-expense technology to improve efficiency and reduce friction for online sellers, buyers, and logistics providers.

“We start with eco-friendly use-your-own-recycled pouches, print your waybill, book with Google-mapped addresses, reduce travel time thru Waze-navigation, and provide budget pricing with up to 5-day delivery for better address clustering and routing. We will also build a drop-off center network for those who want us to help reduce our carbon footprint. And more!” Jerry adds.

Aside from FrozenMNL and Blitz Delivery, Jerry also owns Titanium Technologies. This software company aims to transform organizations by empowering its people through the tight integration of lean processes, web-enabled technology, and human talent. “We also provide manpower management solutions together with salary disbursement services to employees assigned to remote locations,” Jerry says in addition.

Amidst the ongoing threats of COVID-19, Jerry shares that Dragonpay contributes a lot to his ventures’ continuing success. “Dragonpay is used extensively by online merchants to top up their BlitzDelivery digital wallets to avail of last-mile delivery services and minimize the use of cash,” he concludes.

For those pursuing the same path as Jerry, he advises, “find your life purpose, and everything else will fall into place.”

Most businesses in pandemic struggle, Dragonpay assures that the company is always up to date with the latest technology, which will help entrepreneurs rise to the occasion. “This pandemic has certainly been a great challenge to most businesses, especially those that are not online. Dragonpay is ready to help entrepreneurs adapt to the times by providing a secure and reliable payment facility for their business,” concludes Robertson “Dick” Chiang, President and CEO of Dragonpay Corporation.

To know more about Dragonpay, please visit www.dragonpay.ph. To know more about FrozenMNL, go to https://www.frozenmnl.com/. For Blitz Delivery, visit https://blitz.delivery

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