Online Payments


Dragonpay provides an alternative channel for purchasing goods or services from the Internet. Our online payment solution allow buyers and sellers to conduct e-commerce without the use of traditional credit cards…

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Recurring Payments

Recurring payments

Payments that recur based on a regular schedule can be handled easily through Dragonpay.  While recurring payments have long been available with credit cards, this is relatively difficult to do…

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Mass Payout

Mass Payout

Mass Payout is an online facility that allows businesses to make payments to multiple individuals or entities simultaneously instead of doing it individually.  Hundreds or thousands of payments can be…

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Dragonpay provides alternative online payment solutions to businesses of all sizes. Through our gateway, customers can purchase goods or services online, and pay for it using cash or check at physical, brick-and-mortar payment counters, ATM's, mobile wallets or through online bank debit. Developing countries like the Philippines have very low penetration of credit cards and banking in general. This makes alternative payments an important part of any online selling strategy.

Payment Gateway

What's New?

by ON October 14, 2016

Dragonpay, your innovative payment solution partner, is partnering with online travel agency Traveloka, which has recently opened its office in the Philippines.

Traveloka was first launched in Indonesia, where it quickly became the country’s fastest growing tech company. It has grown to 9 million users, and has opened offices in five other countries in Southeast Asia, including the Philippines.

Traveloka prides itself on the ease of its interface, trumpeting that booking flights and hotel rooms on the app requires only three easy steps: Search. Book. Pay. The company also has thousands of flight routes and hotels to choose from.

As part of the partnership, Traveloka will be providing the coupon code HOTELPROMO to the first 1000 Dragonpay users. The coupon code gives users a 15% discount on their next hotel stay.

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by ON April 13, 2017

February 16, 2017 (MANILA, Philippines) — Dragonpay and the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) signed a Memorandum of Agreement to collaborate and bolster the provision of better services to PSE’s clients through Dragonpay’s payment system.  The partnership aims to expand the payment channels that PSE’s clients can use in buying products or services offered by PSE. “We…

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by ON September 16, 2016

Personalized shop name web addresses for start-up entrepreneurs and established businesses. PHILIPPINES – September 15, 2016 –, under one of Japan’s largest domain registrar (GMO Internet Group), launches a new feature which will customize every entrepreneur’s way of advertising. It promotes website customization by replacing the system generated domain to make it easier for…

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Our lifestyle has significantly evolved together with technology. Gone are the days where you can only shop by visiting malls or physical stores. Now, you can purchase anything by visiting an online store and have your orders delivered straight to your doorstep. Paying for your orders isn't a hassle anymore with Dragonpay. With tons of available payment option, Dragonpay is here to provide customers an even better shopping experience.
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When started in July 2013, our very first payment partner was Dragonpay. Dragonpay was deemed as one of the most important payment partner as bulk of the population does not have credit card. If they have credit card, buyers are afraid to put their credit card details online.

Dragonpay gives us an automated way to track online bank payments, ATM payments and Over the counter payment in 20+ banks, LBC, SM, Cebuana Lhuillier. We have over 1,000+ merchants and we also use Dragonpay to pay our merchants on a weekly basis in an automated way via a quick upload of a file. Because of this unique special offering of Dragonapay, we are able to keep our workforce lean and mean.

Philips Yu
LBC Commerce

"Efficient. Flexible. Service-oriented. One of the best business partners we have dealt with!"

Jacqueline Chua
SM/Marketing Convergence Inc. E-Store Head

  • "Dragonpay is a joy to work with. They are very flexible and can adjust to our clients' needs. We highly recommend them for businesses wanting to go into e-commerce from start-ups to enterprises."

    Robert Gantuangco
    TechCellar Chief eBusiness Success Enabler