Dragonpay PayMaya | Pay transactions via PayMaya

How to pay your Dragonpay Transactions via PayMaya

Step 1

On the Dragonpay payment portal, select the merchant you wish to pay, encode your email, transaction ID and the total amount of your  payment.

Pay via Paymaya - Step 1

Step 2

Choose PayMaya as your payment method.

How to pay using PayMaya - Step 2

How to pay using PayMaya - Step 2

Step 3

Click “Send Instructions via Email/Mobile” and check the received email from Dragonpay <[email protected]>.

Pay via Paymaya - Step 3How to pay using PayMaya - Step 5

Step 4

Once you have seen the reference number from your instruction page, open your Paymaya app

Pay via Paymaya - Step 4

Step 5

Tap the “Bills” button

Search for the applicable Biller ID:
DRAGONLOANS (for loan repayment related) 
DRAGONSCHOOLS (for educational institution)
DRAGONGAMES (for online/digital games)
SHOPEE (for Shopee payments)
DRAGONPAY (for all transactions not falling to above categories)

Pay via Paymaya - Step 5

Step 6

Input your reference number and the amount of your payment

 Pay via Paymaya - Step 6

Step 7

Confirm and pay! Done

How to pay using PayMaya - Step 9

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