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Virtual Accounts

Latest addition to Dragonpay’s portfolio of localized payment methods.
Latest addition to Dragonpay’s portfolio of localized payment methods.
What is Virtual Accounts?
Empowering businesses of all sizes through payments

Virtual accounts are temporary accounts meant for transacting on behalf of a real physical account.

Virtual accounts enable merchants to collect local B2B and C2B payments from all major banks and e-wallets. 

With the use of unique virtual account numbers, merchants now have the ability to reconcile and identify transactions in real-time.

How it works?

Virtual accounts make it easier and faster for both businesses and customers.

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Merchant creates a unique single or multiple use virtual account number associated to a specific invoice or customer
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Customer pays amount owed into the virtual account using their bank or e-wallet
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Dragonpay validates payment real-time and credits the payment
Why Virtual Accounts?

Accept payments without local bank accounts, even works for overseas merchants


Real-time payment acceptance from any major bank or e-wallet with seamless reconciliation


Customize VA numbers such as using customer’s phone or identification number

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Dragonpay makes it easy for you to accept various payment methods for your business.
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