US Bank Auto Debit via ACH Arrangement How-To

Auto Debit Arrangement (ADA) allows Dragonpay to receive funds on a recurring basis based on a pre-determined schedule from your registered US bank account using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) facility of Philippine National Bank (PNB) US.  Dragonpay is only a recipient of the funds and will not be the actual party to debit from your account.  To use this facility, you have to give instructions to PNB US authorizing the scheduled payments.  This is done by doing the following steps:

  1. Download a soft copy of the Remittance Application Form & Recurring ACH Authorization Form.
  2. Under the Account Information section, provide your US bank account details which will be debited.
  3. Under the Payment Details section, indicate the following information:
    1. Buyer’s Name
    2. Ayala Land, Inc. Brand / Subsidiary
    3. Contract Number with Ayala Land, Inc.
    4. The 10-digit Dragonpay Customer Reference No. (99xxxxxxxx) indicated in your email instruction
  4. Attach the following documents to the Remittance Application Form & Recurring ACH Authorization Form:
    1. Payment Schedule / E-mail notification for successful enrollment from Dragonpay
    2. Copy of a Valid US ID
    3. Voided check
  5. Send the Remittance Application Form & Recurring ACH Authorization Form and the attachments to:
    1. Mail to PNB Remittance Centers Inc. address: 225 W. Broadway Suite 301, Glendale, CA 91204, USA and;
    2. Email to [email protected] and [email protected].  (Note: Original signed copies must still be sent to PNB RCI)

For further assistance regarding this form, you may contact PNB RCI via email at [email protected] and [email protected].