Philippine Stock Exchange Now Accepts Online Payments
Philippine Stock Exchange now accepts online payments via Dragonpay
Philippine Stock Exchange Now Accepts Online Payments

Posted: October 02

February 16, 2017

Manila, Philippines — Dragonpay and the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) signed a Memorandum of Agreement to collaborate and bolster the provision of better services to PSE’s clients through Dragonpay’s payment system.  The partnership aims to expand the payment channels that PSE’s clients can use in buying products or services offered by PSE.

“We are honored to have been selected by the PSE to be its payment solution partner,” said Robertson Chiang, COO/CTO of Dragonpay.  “We support the PSE’s effort to provide better, faster and more convenient service to its customers through the use of our facilities.”

Dragonpay will serve as PSE’s payment gateway to give its clients ease and convenience when paying for PSE’s products and services. Dragonpay will process payments from purchase of Retail Data, PSE Reports, Certification of Stock Price for investors, and Certificate of Good Standing for listed companies. (, 2017)  PSE’s clients can now choose among various payment options including online banking, ATM, over-the-counter cash payments, mobile wallets or remittance centers.

PSE is the national stock exchange of the Philippines. It draws together companies, which aims to raise capital through the issue of new securities. It also provides and maintains a convenient market for the sale, purchase and exchange of all types of securities and other instruments to individuals and organizations that aim to invest their savings and excess funds.

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