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1.  Kimstore

Kimstore Tendopay partner

The Philippines’ most trusted one-stop shop for the latest in tech stuff. Offering a wide selection of gadgets for all your tech needs – mobile phones, laptops, cameras, gaming consoles, tablet PCs, and various accessories – you name it, they have it!

Visit them at:

2. Zilingo

Zilingo Tendopay partner

Your one stop fashion destination. No matter who you are, what your style is, what mood you’re in or what size you fit, they’ve got you covered. With 2M styles from indie labels and local and international brands, free deliveries and COD – you want it, they’ve got it.

Visit them at:

3. Travel Online

TravelOnline partner

The Philippines’ #1 Travel Agency, designed to assist the Philippines traveler with all aspects of booking a holiday. Their goal is to make your vacation – hassle free!

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4. Linen & Homes

Linen&Homes partner

At Linen and Homes, the mission is to make it easy for you to buy luxuriously comfortable bedding at a fair price. Their best sellers includes: Premium Bed Sheets, Comforters & Duvet Fillers, Pillow & Pillowcases, Muslin Blankets, and even sleepwear.

Visit them at:

5. Mandaue Foam

Mandaue Foam Tendopay partner

Mandaue Foam aims to provide very affordable and high quality foam and furniture products to the Filipino people. Their products range from furniture to houseware to cleaning essentials and more. Mandaue Foam is your one-stop shop for your home needs.

Visit them at:

6. The Kult

The Kult Tendopay partner

At The Kult, the mission is to make beauty easily accessible to Filipinos by providing a wide range of authentic global and local beauty products, specially curated beauty information and blogs, and extreme focus on customer centric service.

7. Hanabishi

Hanabishi Tendopay partner

Hanabishi is a recognized leading home appliances brand in the Philippines for more than thirty years. Offering a wide array of products that provides us Filipinos with what matters the most, quality and affordability. They are indeed, the quality that grows with us.

Visit them at:

8. Svasta

SVASTA Travel and Tours partner

Book domestic and international flights on more than 100 airlines around the globe, customize tour itineraries, arrange private tours and stays with a wide range of accomodation. Svasta also offers assistance on your visa application. In Svasta, Travel is what they do.

Visit them at:

9. Comcard Printing

Comcard Tendopay partner

Comcard offers: Heat Press, Cutter Plotter, 3D Sublimation Machine, Printers, Inks, Sticker, Vinyl,Office Supplies, Mugs, Keychains, ID Maker Printing Package, Heat Press Package, Silkscreen Machine and Sublimation Blanks.

Visit them at:

10. Natura Euphoria

Natura Tendopay partner

At Natura Euphoria, they specialize in retailing and bulk-selling our premier organic food supplements, and their main focus is to give every Filipino the chance at a better and healthier life with sustained market value.

Visit them at:

11. Inflight Menu Travel & Tours

Inflight menu travel corporation Tendopay partner

Inflight Menu Travel Corporation is offering services such as Flight Request or Flight Booking, Hotel Reservation or Hotel Booking and VISA Assistance / VISA Processing for their clients’ satisfaction and convenience.

Visit them at:

12. Nexen Tire

Nexen Tire Tendopay partner

Nexen Tire boasts top-tier manufacturing facilities in the industry, producing top quality products through top-notch facilities and systems. They have been recognized for their technology by providing global carmakers with the best quality tires.

Visit them at:

13. Vellora Jewelry

Vellora Jewelry Tendopay partner

At Vellora, the skill and passion was passed on from generation to generation. Today, they continue their family’s love, passion, dedication, and strong commitment to the jewelry artistry. With long family tradition always in mind, they continue to strive for new advancements in jewelry business and production, combining technology with skilled craftsmanship, talent, and long experience in the industry.

Visit them at:

14. Speedy Course

Speedy Course Tendopay partner

An online course finder where you can search for short courses, training, seminars, workshops, or learning events. At Speedy Course, they bring together reputable providers who specialize in different fields so that whatever you want to learn, you may find it here.

Visit them at:

15. Hua Apparel

Hue Tendopay partner

Hue caters to all the shoe needs of a modern Filipina – offering a wide range of choices from their Flats, Heels, Sandals and Sneakers.

Visit them at:

16. Henry’s Camera

Henry's Camera Tendopay partner

Their store offers photography and videography equipment and accessories from top manufacturing camera and electronic brands with competitive prices that provides the best value for money.

Visit them at:

17. JBL

JBL by Harman Tendopay partner

JBL is a global market leader in home and professional audio, hifi speakers, home theater, car audio, headphones and soundbars. Today they are at the forefront of headphone technology, home audio and professional audio components and speaker systems.

Visit them at:

18. Sneaks and Laces

Sneaks & Laces Tendopay partner

Sneaks and Laces offer customization and restoration services as well as customized and restored sneakers. Their goal is to expand and reach the public for them to share their creativity and have fun with their passion for customization and art.

Visit them at:

19. Peculiar Eyewear

Peculiar eyewear Tendopay partner

Peculiar is a pioneer for affordable computer eyewear and optical frames in the Philippines, awarded as the most trusted eyewear brand at the recent Southeast Asian International Award. They offer a variety of styles with the lowest prices for everyone!

Visit them at:

20. Audio Refinery

A Refinery Tendopay partner

Audio Refinery is a one-stop concept store that aims to deliver the best experience in lifestyle audio, quality Hi-Fi and home entertainment, and multi-room audio and video equipment in the Philippines. It offers some of the unparalleled selection of audio and video equipment in the market.

Visit them at:

21. OnWard

Onward Audio and Automation Tendopay partner

OnWard provides Future-Forward Solutions for your audio and automation needs. Creating a space that caters to your audio, video, home entertainment and smart automation needs by showcasing a wide range of prestige products.

Visit them at:

22. GoGulong

GoGulong partner

In GoGulong, you will find the widest choice of top tire brands from trusted and established tire shops in the Philippines. You can easily find tires for sale from tire shops near you, compare tire price, order, and pay with confidence and ease.

Visit them at:

23. Mila’s Lechon

Mila's lechon Tendopay partner

Mila’s Lechon and Restaurant is committed to cater quality native lechon, roasted calf, and catering services at very affordable prices. Just visit them anytime and experience service fit for a king!

Visit them at:

24. SkinStation

SkinStation Tendopay partner

SkinStation is a skin care company that combines nature and science to give you the best value in skin and body solutions. The latest in cutting-edge technology from slimming to anti-aging, whitening and firming, to their highly popular diode laser hair removal treatment, all at affordable prices and with
guaranteed results.

Visit them at:

25. Chemworld Fragrance Factor

Chemworld Fragrance factor Tendopay partner

Chemworld Fragrance Factory is your one-stop-shop for all your perfumery needs – with hundreds of fragrance oils, essential oils, a wide selection of perfume bottles & boxes, and raw ingredients fit for every fragrance application.

Visit them at:

26. Mom University

Mom university Tendopay partner

A marketplace, for moms, by moms!  Connect. Create. Collaborate.

Visit them at:

27. VY Domingo

VY Domingo Tendopay partner

Home of Asia’ best Jewelry production factory. We produce world’s quality rings, bracelets, necklaces and many other personalized products at affordable prices.

Visit them at:

28. RC Goldline

RCGoldline Tendopay partner

Online shop of the most trusted mobile phone and accessories in Cebu, Philippines.

Visit them at:

29. Gloria Bazar

Gloria Bazaar Tendopay partner

Gloria Bazar offers high quality products such as home appliances, home and office furniture, cellphones, laptops, tablet, digital camera, SLR, school and office supplies.

Visit them at:

30. Royal Gem

Royal Gem Tendopay partner

Discover jewelry inspired by the spirit and lifestyle of the modern woman

Visit them at:

31. Harani Mall

Harani Online mall Tendopay partner

In Harani Online Mall, you will find the widest range of bike and bike accessories from trusted and established brands in the country. They offer Same day delivery and Pick up in store.

Visit them at:

32. Save ‘N Earn

Save'nEarn partner

Save ‘N Earn Wireless is a chain of telco retail stores known as a “one-stop shop for gadgets and telco products” to its Boholano customers. It is a home-grown Boholano brand that started in 1994 and has now expanded to over forty 40 branches and an online store servicing nationwide.

Visit them at:


33.  Pedallion

Pedallion Tendopay partner

Marketplace for Music Stores in the Philippines. Buy Online, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Ukulele, Effects Pedals.

Visit them at:

34.  Mustbuy

MustBuy Tendopay partner

Mustbuy is a one-stop online shop of business solutions for SMEs — from software, hardware, cloud & IT, and office furniture & design in the Philippines.

Visit them at :

35.  Zen Rooms

Zen Rooms Tendopay partner

Quality and affordable hotel stays across 50 cities in Southeast Asia!

Visit them at :

36. Data Blitz

Datablitz partner

DataBlitz is an ALL-Original computer, video games and software retailer present in various locations throughout the Philippines.

Visit them at:


Harman Kardon Tendopay partner

Creating captivating sound experiences that grounds listeners in the present so they can experience the richness of life.

Visit them at:


Alleyway Tendopay partner

Alleyway is an e-commerce site that does not just sell a wide array of products but also provides the opportunity for customers and their connections to earn passive income. Alleyway hopes to encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship through this one-stop-shop website.

Visit them at:

39. Sesco

Sesco Stappenshapp Co Tendopay partner

Sesco provides convenient and efficient service and also to create the opportunity for the company to sell more products to clients and customers.

Visit them at:


40. The Aircon Store

The Aircon Store Tendopay partner

The Aircon Store ensures that your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system operate safely and cost-effectively. Shop and book your appointment now!

Visit them at:


41. Motivo Technology

Motivo Technology Tendopay partner

Motivo Technology provides a platform where you can shop the coolest tech products and deliver your items to your doorstep.

Visit them at: