Dragonpay BDO | Pay for purchases at any BDO ATM

How to pay for a Dragonloans biller using BPI QuickPay

1. Go to the BPI Mobile app, swipe up, and tap “BPI QuickPay.” OR go to https://bpiquickpay.com/

Pay via BDO ATM - Step 2


2. Select the biller “Dragonloans”

Pay via BDO ATM - Step 2

3. Input the necessary details

4. Tap on “Validate transaction.”

Pay via BDO ATM - Step 2

5. Enter your BPI Online registered email address, username and password

6. Select an account you wish to pay from, and tap “Pay using BPI.”

7. Confirm the mobile number where your One-Time PIN will be sent, and tap “Pay.”

8. Key in the One-Time PIN sent to you and tap “Proceed.”

9. A confirmation page will be displayed and a payment confirmation receipt will be sent via email.



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