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Efficient Payment for Educational Institutions

Dragonpay provides a seamless and secure payment gateway specifically tailored for schools and educatioal platforms, facilitating transactions such as tuition fees collections & real-time payouts.

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Streamline your educational payments
Seamless Tuition Fee Collections
Simplify tuition fee payments for students and their families with Dragonpay’s easy-to-use payment platform.
  • Banks
  • E-wallets
  • OTC Payment Centers
Hassle-free Donations
Effortlessly manage payouts to teachers and faculty members with Dragonpay’s efficient payment solutions.
  • Banks
  • E-wallets
  • Cash pickups
Subscription-based Payments

Offer convenient monthly or annual billing for online courses, tutoring, and educational platform.

  • Banks
  • E-wallets


Convenient and secure payment platform
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Expertise and Industry Leadership
We provide unmatched expertise to streamline payment processing and stay competitive for 13+ years
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Easy Integration for Streamlined Operations
Dragonpay offers swift integration solutions for the lending industry, including payment links, website, and API integration.
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Enhanced Convenience for Students
With our extensive network of 35,000+ payment channels nationwide, students can conveniently choose their preferred payment method.
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Competitive Pricing
Tailored transparent fees designed for educational institutions ensure optimized transactions, with fixed and percentage-based costs.

Ready to optimize your educational payments?

Dragonpay makes it easy for you to accept various payment methods for your business

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