What is Easybuilder.Pro?

EasyBuilder.Pro is a websites building platform specifically designed to enable non-IT professionals to create a website for their business and personal needs with very low cost. Through this builder‘s website drag-and-drop feature, absolutely anyone can build their websites in just a few minutes. We offer a range of templates for different purposes, such as webpages for hobbies, events and businesses, as well as providing web hosting. It‘s truly the easiest way to build a website.

How to connect Dragonpay payment gateway?

Step 1

Sign Up to Dragonpay here:

Step 2

Add Dragonpay Plugin to your Online Shop.

Step 3

Add Dragonpay Credentials to Dragonpay Plugin Properties

Step 4

Publish your website and Start sale online.

What makes Easybuilder.Pro great?

  • Easybuilder.Pro could be the only tool you need to author, deploy and host your websites, provide e-commerce and site analytics services, enable a multitude of useful gadgets and tools that will add value to your online presence.
  • Authors can choose from a wide range of rich graphical templates for different purposes, such as pages for events (information only) and businesses (for e-commerce).
  • If you have a registered domain name, you can use it with Easybuilder.Pro to maximize your online equity.
  • You get effective and responsive customer support and assistance from our Support team.

How to try?

Step 1

You can Sign Up for Free 15 days Trial here: https://www.easybuilder.pro

Step 2

You can view a Demo here without Signing Up: http://builder.easybuilder.pro/en/brand/11884/

How much does it cost?

Check the prices here: https://www.easybuilder.pro/prices

If you do not have a Dragonpay Account, you may contact our sales for more information on getting one.