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Dragonpay introduces Alex Gonzaga as its newest brand ambassador
Dragonpay introduces Alex Gonzaga as its newest brand ambassador

Posted: March 19

Dragonpay, one of the country’s leading payment processors, is proud and excited to announce its newest partnership with actress, TV host, entrepreneur, and vlogger Alex Gonzaga.

The 33-year-old actress, according to Dragonpay CEO Robertson “Dick” Chiang, embodies the new breed of celebrities who are tech-savvy can effectively connect with their fanbase through social media.

“She is funny, witty and can relate to our services because she is an online shopper herself. Her youthfulness will also bring a needed refresh to our brand as Dragonpay has been around for over 10 years already,” tells Dick.

Dragonpay signing with Alex Gonzaga

Alex’s YouTube account just recently hit 10 million subscribers, which is all the more reason why she is the perfect face for Dragonpay.

“Alex has a large follower base, and her face is recognizable by many Filipinos.  We are introducing a new generation of first-time online buyers to our service, and having a known personality as our brand ambassador lends some familiarity for them,” Dick explains.

Back in the day, only people with credit cards were allowed to transact online. But with the presence of Dragonpay, even those who do not have credit cards can now transact online—and this is one of the reasons why Alex is very much enthusiastic about joining the Dragonpay family.

“I believe that especially now during the pandemic when most of us are pushed to make purchases online, having that flexibility to choose a payment method other than a credit card is a lot of help. It gives convenience to consumers, and at the same time, it also helps online business owners improve the way they do their business,” Alex explains.

Furthermore, Alex believes that Dragonpay helps Filipinos’ daily lives in terms of booking car transport, doing grocery shopping, paying for tuition fees, and a lot more.

“Dragonpay gives the Filipinos the flexibility to choose the payment that’s right for them—either through online banking, e-wallets, or through physical banks or payment centers,” she adds.

As for Alex, she enjoys using Dragonpay for her online shopping and RFID top-ups because her husband, Mikee Morada, works in Batangas.

To know more about Dragonpay, please visit https://www.dragonpay.ph.

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