Dragonpay: Continues to lead the Alternate Payment Solutions!
Dragonpay COO Robertson Chiang on Future Perfect: Tech Shorts
Dragonpay: Continues to lead the Alternate Payment Solutions!

Posted: December 12

FinTech leader and Dragonpay CEO on SureTayo App: Safe and secure shopping, guaranteed!

A leader in finance technology, Dragonpay Chief-Executive-Officer (CEO) Dick Chiang continues to pave the way for consumer and seller protection in its innovation, SureTayo mobile app.

Launched last July 2019, the SureTayo Mobile App is the answer to the online seller’s demand for a more convenient and faster way to facilitate and manage online shopper transactions and payments. 

According to Dick Chiang, “SureTayo aims to create a secure environment for sellers and buyers to transact online.”

SureTayo is a mobile payment solution that makes paying and receiving payments between strangers safe, smooth, and hassle-free.  In his interview with ANC’s Future Perfect Tech Shorts, Mr. Chiang said that “SureTayo allows people with no credit cards or bank accounts while protecting them from fraudulent sellers.” 

By maximizing  Dragonpay’s popular and widely used alternative payment channels, online shoppers and sellers can now complete their transactions conveniently and worry-free.

Established in 2010, Dragonpay provides a digital platform that allows merchants, retailers, and organizations to accept payments online. Nine years since its founding, the company has completed more than 18 million transactions.

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