Dragonpay: Shaping the new normal in PH education
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Dragonpay: Shaping the new normal in PH education

Posted: June 03

This ongoing pandemic has completely redefined the rules of what used to be considered normal. It is our duty to embrace this new normal and adapt to it as this is the only way to continue the lives that we used to carry. All people of different genders, races, and ages are affected by this pandemic, and it is important to note that at the same time, our basic necessities are also somewhat being kept to a limit. One of the most prevalent issues that now cannot be avoided is the topic of the Philippine education system. 

Students nationwide must still be able to have their rights to consume good quality education, and learn despite the pandemic being a hindrance. The safety of students stays as the highest priority that must be considered, and this is why online schooling is the best option at the moment. 

At Dragonpay, our priority is to offer the best services that would help battle this pandemic alongside fellow Filipinos. Through our automated online systems, schools may now collect tuition payments seamlessly through multiple means. Consumers may now go to the bank, pawnshop, remittance center, convenience store nearest to them in order to make a deposit, or they could even stay at the comfort of their own homes and send in payments via online banking or through mobile payment. Different schools of high capacity have already partnered up with Dragonpay in order to ensure the best experiences for their students. Some examples of these Philippine Schools include De La Salle Lipa, De La Salle Zobel, STI, CIIT College of Arts and Technology, Technological Institute of the Philippines (TIP), Our Lady of Fatima University, Victory Christian International Schools, FEU HIgh School, and many more. 

With these being said, a way of embracing the new normal is to stay proactive, and ensure safety at home by observing quarantine together with your families. As always, Dragonpay continues to provide these essential services during these times, which includes helping students attain access to the education that they deserve.

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