Dragonpay adds more payment partners
Dragonpay payment partners banner
Dragonpay adds more payment partners


Dragonpay, one of the country’s leading alternative payment channels, has recently added more payment partners for the convenience of its customers. Through these new partners, Dragonpay expects to widen its reach to better facilitate customer transactions.

The following establishments have been added to Dragonpay’s already long list of payment channel partners: CVM Pawnshop, which accepts Dragonpay payments at over 100 branches nationwide; J6W Inc., which collects payments through authorized Posible.net retailers, Family Mart and Phoenix Gas stations; USSC, a service store which has 850+ branches nationwide, PetNet (Pera Hub), which collects payments at 500+ Pera Hub company-owned stores and sub-merchants nationwide, and Xanpay (International Partner), which accepts payments from banks that support Singapore’s PayNow, Hong Kong’s FPS, Thailand’s PromtPay, Malaysia’s DuitNow and Australia’s PayID.

Dragonpay provides consumers and merchants the highest level of customer service by providing a secure payment platform that protects sensitive data. It also allows merchants to reach more customers by offering various payment options. “At Dragonpay, providing secure and easy payment options to as many people as possible had always been our goal. Through our new payment partners, we want to empower online Filipinos to choose the payment method that’s right for them. ” says Mr. Robertson Chiang.

Dragonpay was established in 2010 as a response to the burgeoning online market and the growing need of consumers and businesses for an alternative payment channel. Since then, Dragonpay has been true to its mission of providing the most convenient and widely accessible forms of payment to online Filipinos around the world. For eleven years, they have continuously serviced unbanked Filipinos, allowing them to transact with online merchants by making payments in brick-and-mortar stores. Payments can be made with cash or via automated teller machines (ATM), mobile wallets or online bank debit.

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