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Dragonpay on Shopify

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Shopify is the world’s leading ecommerce platform. With over 1 million merchants, Shopify helps small businesses get started and Shopify Plus helps modern retailers scale and grow into global brands.

Integrate with 5 easy steps

How to add Dragonpay to your Shopify store​
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Go to our given installation link and login to your store

Setup Shopify with Dragonpay - Step 1
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Accept adding the Dragonpay Payment Gateway if you agree to their Payment Gateways terms and conditions

Setup Shopify with Dragonpay - Step 2
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Configure the Dragonpay Payment Gateway by going to Settings > Payments

Setup Shopify with Dragonpay - Step 3
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Edit the Dragonpay Payment Gateway

Setup Shopify with Dragonpay - Step 4
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*You would need to have a Dragonpay Test or Live Account.

Set your Merchant ID and Merchant Key. Check Use test mode if you are using a Dragonpay Test account.

Setup Shopify with Dragonpay - Step 5

Grow your business today!

Dragonpay makes it easy for you to accept various payment methods for your business.
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