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Dragonpay launches RFID payment portal for EasyTrip and AutoSweep
Convenient RFID Topup for Autosweep & Easytrip Users by

Posted: February 24

One of the hassles of city driving is having to endure the long queues at the tollgates just to traverse the expressways to reach their desired destinations along C5, South Luzon and North Luzon.  For many drivers, adjusting to the RFID system over the past year was already a big leap. Due to the pandemic, the government has instituted the RFID system for cashless toll fee transactions as the new normal in the transportation system since it puts the safety of the drivers and the toll workers in the forefront. 

Dragonpay understands the needs of the Filipino motorists and has launched a payment portal solution for easy top ups applicable for both Autosweep and Easytrip users. This portal is versatile and flexible since it allows users to select their ideal form of payment method that suits them – either with cash or cashless via e-wallet, credit card or bank transfer.

Dragonpay, the country’s most innovative on-line payment solutions provider, launched this on-line top up portal which everybody can easily access. This removes the hassle of driving to a convenience store or payment center just to load up your RFID.  Dragonpay is offering this new service which can be accessed on line via their website.  Now #youhavemorewaystopay your RFID load anytime, anywhere. “This is our little way of making RFID toll top up more accessible and convenient for everybody regardless of their payment preference” said Dick Chiang, Founder and President of Dragonpay.  

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to https://rfid.dragonpay.ph/
  2. Select the applicable RFID – Autosweep or Easytrip
  3. Encode your email address, plate number and your top up amount
  4. Pay via online banking, mobile e-wallet, ATM or payments centers via Dragonpay

Every top up transaction will be a charged a minimal service fee of P10.00.

For more information about Dragonpay’s range of innovative payment solutions visit www.dragonpay.ph.

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