Enrolling Dragonpay to BPI Express Online

In order to use your BPI Express Online Internet banking account to make purchases from Dragonpay-accredited merchants, you have to undergo a one-time registration process.

Step 1

Login to your BPI Express Online account (http://www.bpiexpressonline.com).

Step 2

From the main menu, go to Funds Transfer >> Enroll Third Party Accounts. Choose the button “2. Print, Sign and Submit Form to Your Branch”.

Step 3

Fill up the application form on screen. Under Third Party Information, enter “DRAGONPAY CORP” for Account Name, and “0075352743” for Account Number. Click the Continue button.

Step 4

Print the form and submit to the BPI branch where you maintain your account. BPI normally takes only 24-hours to complete the registration. Once registered, you can already make payments to Dragonpay merchants anytime using your BPI Express Online account.