How to use Dragonpay Offline Bank Deposit

Step 1
Shop Online

Shop online and go through the normal checkout process.  Choose Dragonpay as the payment option.

Step 2
Choose Dragonpay payment option

You will be prompted for the payment fund source.  Choose among the Over-the-counter Bank payment options.  In the example here, you chose Banco de Oro Over-the-counter as the fund source.  This means that you will pay by depositing the money to a BDO branch teller.

Step 3
Provide email address

Enter your email address here.  Dragonpay will send the deposit instructions to you via email so make sure the address provided is correct.   If you prefer to use an alternate address, you may modify it here before you click the Confirm button.

Step 4

After you click the Confirm button, you will be redirected back to the merchant’s website.  At this point, your payment is in Pending status.  The merchant will not fulfill your order yet until you have completed the payment cycle with Dragonpay.

Step 5
Email Instruction for offline bank deposit

Check your email inbox.  By this time, the deposit instruction sent in Step 4 should have been received already.  If not, check your Spam or Junk folder to make sure it was not misrouted there.

This email contains the bank account number and name that you should use when depositing.  This example uses BDO as the bank of choice.  Go to a BDO branch, fill-up a regular deposit with the provided details, and hand-over the cash to a teller.

Step 6
Confirm offline bank deposit

The teller will give you a deposit slip receipt to confirm your transaction.  That deposit slip contains several important information including:

  • the date and time of the transaction
  • the code/name of the bank branch
  • the amount you paid

Go back to the email received in Step 5 and click on the link  provided to confirm your transaction.  Fill-in the screen (shown to the right of this text) with the deposit slip receipt details and click the Confirm button.

Dragonpay will verify your deposit and inform the merchant if it was successfully processed.  If you do not receive a confirmation email from us within 2 days from validation, you may contact us for immediate assistance.

Step 7
Deposit Confirmation via Email

Upon successful validation of payment, Dragonpay sends an email to you for your records.

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