What benefits do I get as a merchant for using Dragonpay?

Dragonpay is designed to be complementary with other online payment systems. We are not saying that you should not consider credit cards and PayPal as online payments, and rely on us solely. Each payment system has its strengths and weaknesses. What we want merchants to understand is that they gain a lot of benefits by including Dragonpay in their payment options to customers.

These benefits include:


Dragonpay protects both the buyer and the merchant. The buyer does not have to disclose easily stolen information such as credit card data over the Internet. Instead, he can rely on the much more secure online banking environment. Merchants are protected against fraud involving easily stolen credit cards. And with Dragonpay’s no-chargeback payment policy, once you are paid, you stay paid.

Bigger Market

With a very low penetration rate for credit cards in the Philippines, online merchants have to realize that there is a much bigger market just waiting to be tapped. If the customer has a bank account, our Online Banking channel will allow online, real-time payments to be made. If the customer has no bank account or his bank is not supported by Dragonpay for Online Banking, the OTC Banking solution will allow him to make the payment in the more than 4,000 bank branches that we will support by year-end 2010.

Lower Cost

With traditional online payment systems like credit cards or PayPal, the merchant is charged a percentage of the total gross sales plus a fixed fee portion. This total can vary from 3% to 15% depending on the risk level of the goods or services being offered, and the credit-worthiness of the merchant. For items with small margins (ex. consumer electronics) or services (ex. school tuition, hospital bills), such fees are unacceptable. Dragonpay charges a fixed fee per transaction instead of a percentage. This can accrue to large savings for the merchant.

Many merchants highly rely on accepting credit cards as their sole payment option

But given the very low penetration of credit cards in the Philippines, bank payments still remain a more accessible choice of payment. Numerous studies have also consistently shown that by increasing the total number of available payment options to online buyers, an increase in sales of 10% to 20% have been experienced even in developed countries where most people there already have credit cards.

To know more about becoming a Dragonpay merchant, email us at [email protected]

Merchant Spotlight

Chrisha’s kitchen is a local business that started off with Chrisha Chua, the owner of the
business, selling her products through platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. When the
orders became too much to handle manually, she invited her sister Christine Chua who
suggested the creation of their website, alongside payment services such
as Dragonpay, which allowed customers to start requesting for deliveries without leaving the
comfort of their own homes.

What differentiates Chrisha’s kitchen from other desserts would be the rich taste that it offers whilst being made with healthy ingredients. Each cake offered is guaranteed to be keto and diabetic friendly, sugar and gluten free, as well as low in carbohydrates. These qualities make sure that their cakes can be enjoyed by people with a variety of diets. Chrisha decided that a Ketogenic diet was best for her and started experimenting with ingredients to create
something tasty for her and her dad who is diabetic. After that, she started getting into the food industry when her keto-friendly treats caught the attention of those similarly on a Ketogenic diet.

For more information about deliveries, you may check out their website at, or follow them on Facebook at Chrisha’s Kitchen. 

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